A Baja California official met Monday with members of the State Union of Education Workers, or SETE in Spanish, in order to demand the payment of overdue salaries.

The education workers held a demonstration just outside the Department of Education, where an informal meeting with Secretary Gerardo Solís was held.

Union Secretary General Miguel Lara said about 300 teachers and workers are owed over $2 million in due salaries.

Lara said although Governor Marina Avila instructed to solve the issue back in May the authorities had not provided a solution.

The secretary general added that around 400 interim teachers had not either gotten their pay.

Secretary Solís called union members to have additional meetings to study the issue case by case in order to create a list to start paying due salaries.

Lara said the union wants no more meetings, but an immediate solution.

Sec. Solís said the state has negotiated the disbursement of additional funds from the federal government to cover due salaries. The secretary warned union members to avoid impacting students as the school year starts Monday.

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