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Baja California Senator Gina Cruz requested an investigation of former Governor Jaime Bonilla after anomalies were detected during the 2020 fiscal year.

According to the lawmaker, audits had shown irregularities for about a billion pesos or around $50 million, of which a fifth correspond to the state and the rest to the cities of Ensenada and Tijuana.

The senator plans to ask the Mexican Attorney General’s office and the State Department of the Controller to investigate and hold accountable those involved in the issue.

Cruz, a Mexicali member of the National Action Party said anomalies were found by the Mexican Auditor’s Office in public works projects made with federal funds.

The audit found dozens of anomalies in public health and education programs, she added.

The issue also involves former Tijuana Mayor Arturo González and Ensenada Mayor Armando Ayala. Former Governor Bonilla returned Monday to the Senate seat four months after the end of his two-year term.

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