A firearm shooting reported during a concert prompted attendants to rapidly flee and hide to avoid getting injured.

Televisa Mexicali reported that the incident occurred late Saturday during a Tijuana band concert held in the city fairground Palenque.

The incident was recorded by an attendant who shared the shooting on social media.

Scared attendants are shown fleeing or trying to hide after hearing the shots.

The television station reported that a band bodyguard named only as Luis had an argument with singer Erick Aragon. The incident presumably caused the shooting.

“It is not tolerable that there is no security even in public events,” Mexicali City Councilman Diego Echevarría wrote in his Facebook page.

The city Councilman called Mayor Norma Bustamante to first define if Police Chief Joel Duéñez will stay in his job and to make sure the police protects public safety.

Echevarría also called Fairgrounds Director Omar Landa to respond why an armed person was allowed in the event, as well as the reason why no arrests were apparently made. “It’s enough of words and good wishes,” the Councilman wrote. “Actions are needed and urgent.” 

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