State and Municipal authorities, along with sports clubs presidents signed an agreement that seeks to protect stadium-goers.

Baja California Governor Marina Avila presided over the ceremony held Sunday in the Nido de los Aguilas baseball stadium in Mexicali.

The pact seeks to protect families and fans that attend sports events statewide and avoid incidents like the March 5 in Queretaro that left over a dozen injured and many others arrested.

State Secretary of Public Safety Gilberto Landeros announced the preparation of a preventive protocol for sports venues.

The plan includes installing surveillance cameras and weapon detecting arches.

Gov. Avila highlighted the need that all teams turn as much information as possible to prepare the authorities in case of major violent incidents and to enforce the protocols.

The governor said the state, cities and clubs had agreed that the most significant issue is to protect families that attend sports events.

“Sports has taught us that we can win or lose,” the Governor said. “What we cannot lose is respect or tolerance for others.”

Aguilas de Mexicali baseball club president Dio Alberto Murillo acknowledged fans who had historically behaved appropriately while attending games.

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