State La Rumorosa Highway Trust employees had accused manager Carlos Gómez González of alleged labor threats and harassment, for which workers had thought of closing the toll in the La Rumorosa area west of Mexicali.

Worker representative Rosío López told La Voz newspaper that the authorities had attempted to force employees to become members of the state Public Employees Union. The employees are affiliated to the Mexican Workers Union — an organization related to the Institutional Revolutionary Party.

The State Employees Union is led by Assemblymember Manuel Guerrero, who is also a member of the President’s National Regeneration Movement Party.

In a prepared statement, manager Gómez González expressed his respect to worker decisions.

The agency said it is aware of the union issues to sign the contract with the state.

So far, Gómez González said, the agreement has been signed with the union led by the lawmaker.

The state’s union has offered workers bonuses of over $500 and a salary increase of 6 percent, while reducing union feed by half to 1 from 2 percent.

Workers had called Gómez González for a meeting, but to no avail.

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