Job creation increased 8 percent during the third quarter of the year, according to the National Survey of Occupation and Employment.

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography said in its report that Baja California has 1.8 million people 15 and older in its economically active population.

Of those, 1.7 million have a job — 130,126 more than a year ago.

The number of workers holding a form job increased 6.1 percent while those with informal jobs climbed 11.2 percent.

The report says 37 percent of employees worked for a very small company and 19 percent in a small business.

Those working for big companies (23 percent) increased 20.9 percent in a year, the report says.

The Institute added that 52,224 workers are unemployed — 2.9 percent of the economically active population. The percentage is higher than the 2.7 percent reported a year ago.

Close to half of those unemployed have between 25 and 44 years of age and a similar percentage have high school or college education. The report says 1.7 million people are part of the non-economically active population due to disability, education, retirement or other activities.

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