State lawmakers recently held a meeting along with state officials and veterinarians in order to launch a brand new pet registration in Baja California.

Assembly Commission of Health Chairwoman Monserrat Rodríguez said in a prepared statement the proposal was originally introduced by nonprofit agencies and veterinarian associations.

The proponents had raised concerns about health issues related to lack of control of animals and irresponsible property of pets all over the state.

The lawmaker said several of her colleagues had also spoken about the issue to protect domestic animals.

The commission plans to work in legislation to create the new Pet Registration Program that would include software with pet and owners’ information.

“We are seeking to help organized society to make sure our domestic animals get registered in order to bring us the possibility of having trustworthy databases about owners and giving authorities tools to help pet owners become responsible,” the lawmaker said. Rodríguez added that the bill also seeks to improve public health by stopping the spread of diseases by leaving cats and dogs on the streets.

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