On average, eight people are murdered everyday in Baja California, according to state reports.

As of last month, 2,806 homicide victims had been recorded in the state. Last year, the number of assassinated individuals was 2,680.

Tijuana leads with 1,823 murders. Surprisingly, Ensenada is second with 328 and Mexicali third with 263.

The state has recorded 19 murdered women, commonly known as femicides. Of those, eleven had occurred in Tijuana and five in Mexicali.

As of last month, the state has registered 83,841 crimes, with 28,054 property violent and non-violent crimes.

The number of phone extortion attempts increased 27 percent this year compared to 2020, according to state records.

Statistics of the State Attorney General’s office said as of last month 153 complaints were filed with the agency, more than the 120 reported as of the same month of 2020.

Nationwide, extortion crimes increased 11 percent this year.

Two out of every five attempts were related to organized crime threats, while in a quarter of those same attempts the target were from fake companies.

The rest were related to a kidnapped relative, a family member held by Customs agents, false complaints against victims, raffles and a detained relative.

Most of the calls made in extortion scams were made with Mexicali dial code (686). However, the authorities had previously said those calls are made from cloned smartphones.

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