A state official said the administration is not interested in providing a second vaccine to those who received the Chinese Cansino dose.

State Secretary of Public Health Adrián Medina said the priority is to vaccinate teenagers.

Vaccination for that age group started Tuesday with over 20,000 vaccines administered.

Thousands of teachers were administered the Cansino vaccine, but teacher unions demand additional protection before starting in school classes in February.

“We are worried how the union is handling the issue,” Medina said. “The main concern was that teachers were not going to be able to cross to the US, but thanks to the Mexican Department of Foreign Affairs having the Cansino vaccine is not a reason to prohibit crossing the border.”

According to the state official it is not necessary to administer another dose to teachers. Those who got the Cansino vaccine will be administered a second dose of that vaccine.

Back in April the state administered about 60,000 Cansino vaccines to school staff.

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