A state official said the authorities are ready in case an immigrant caravan arrives in Baja California.

State Secretary of Government Catalino Zavala said a strategy that includes housing, food, healthcare services and legal advice is under development along with Mexican authorities.

The caravan has not defined its city of destination, the official clarified.

Nonprofit organizations like the International Organization for Migration and the United Nations Refugees Office are also involved in the development of the strategy.

Since the first wave of immigrants arrived shelter managers had reportedly said no support has been provided by state or federal authorities.

Thousands of immigrants have been housed in improvised shelters built by the City of Mexicali in local parks.

Last week, shelters received tens of tons of food and other items.

“We would be ready with human attention protocols,” Zavala said. Immigrant Groups Attention Director Jorge Rivera said in Mexicali are expected between 500 and 600 immigrants.

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