Back in September, Mexicali Valley was chosen under the United Nations’ Ocean Innovation Challenge in order to comply with Sustainable Development Objective 14 for sustainable conservation and use of oceans, seas and all maritime resources.

The project was introduced to staff with the State Department of Agriculture and Food Safety by representatives of a company named Ficosterra along with GN Productores Agrícolas.

Both companies and the Center of Scientific Research and Superior Education of Ensenada are developing an experimental program in broccoli fields — similar to another project launched in Casablanca, Morocco.

Francisco Siqueiros, of Ficosterra, said the marine biotechnology company was opened in order to bring ecological solutions to conventional agriculture by applying sea active principles and its benefits to over-exploded fields.

“The idea is to help producers improve yields and health of produce with innovative and sustainable bio-fertilizers,” Siqueiros said.

The company has developed an algae based fertilizer for broccoli production that is expected to significantly reduce the use of chemicals without affecting productivity. The first tests had led to reducing up to 30 percent the use of conventional fertilizers.

Broccoli was chosen as GN is an expert in the production of such vegetable that has few nutritional needs and adapts to other soils and weathers. Both in Mexico and Morocco broccoli fields tested are located in open and greenhouse fields and the company is investigating productivity and health with the use of algae based fertilizer.

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