Baja California returned to the orange tier in the epidemiological light system, Governor Marina Avila said Monday evening.

In a prepared statement the governor said the measure includes reducing capacity in public sites to 50 percent in order to stop the virus from spreading.

The governor added that the fourth wave and the new variants had produced record numbers of infected people.

The state had recorded over a thousand new chess every day.

Gov. Avila emphasized the fact that people without vaccination have a larger risk of spreading the virus.

“Beds in Intensive Care and ventilators are being occupied by people who decided to not get vaccinated,” the governor said.

Also, the state will extend its vaccination sites, as well as extending schedules to afternoons and weekends. “We are in a new stage of the pandemic with variants like Omicron that represent new challenges that, with responsibility we will be able to address,” the governor said.

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