A state agency announced Saturday a second Mexicali orphanage was shut down due to “alleged acts that out children and teenagers in danger.”

The State’s Family Development Agency said a complaint was filed Wednesday with the Attorney General’s office regarding the unrevealed issue.

The name of the orphanage was not released either.

Agency Director Monica Vargas said in a prepared statement the complaint asked the authorities to investigate alleged incompliance with mandatory obligations.

“Our commitment is to protect children’s interests,” Vargas said in the statement. “We are not going to allow rights violations — especially from those who are expected to take care of children.”

This is the second orphanage shut down by the agency in the last weeks. The first case was similar to this week’s incident.

After the complaint was filed, agency staff conducted an inspection at the unnamed facility.

Director Vargas said no other details will be provided in order to avoid affecting the due process. The state official added that an adult with the orphanage was accused of the alleged wrongdoing.

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