A state official said the authorities now will leave the decision to require customers entering indoor venues a vaccination certificate or a negative Covid-19 test.

State Commissioner of Protection against Sanitary Risks Erwin Areizaga said the decision will help protect consumers from spreading the virus while avoiding an impact to people’s rights and business activities.

Now, the certificate requirement will be up to business owners.

Previously, the Department of Public Health decided to force businesses like bars, restaurants, casinos, movie theaters, fitness centers and others alike to ask for a certificate or a negative test for customers.

Mexicali Restaurant Chamber President Raul Vazquez told La Voz newspaper members were worried about the certificate requirement as customers are not prepared to comply and many had not obtained their certificates through the Mexican platform although vaccinated.

The requirement included fines and even closures to businesses found in violation.

The new protocol would benefit unregistered street taco shops and other street food businesses, Vasquez said.

The concerns were shared by Mexicali Chamber of Commerce President Lidia Granados, who said the measure would have impacted registered companies that pay taxes.

Areizaga said the state trusts business owner responsibility.

However, the authorities fear for a fourth wave of the pandemic due to the Omicron variant.

The Commissioner added that as private business reactivation has worked positively the requirement will not be mandatory but a suggestion.

The agency plans to ask businesses to install carbon dioxide monitors and train staff to stop the spread of the virus.

The Commissioner said some businesses have violated capacity limits — a protocol the agency will enforce. Ensenada Economic Development Council Chair Marco Estudillo said business owners will help protect customers and workers while mitigating the impact of Covid-19.

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