The state of Baja California has been set to keep the summer schedule although Mexico’s president has proposed to stop changing the schedule.

Exportation Industry Association President Joaquin Jimenez said State Secretary of Economy and Innovation Kurt Honold said so in a recent meeting.

Jiménez said Baja California will keep its schedule in order to avoid issues with California’s schedule during the summer.

Businessmen prepared an appeal to the presidential decree due to the economic impact, but the state confirmed the decision will not affect Baja California.

Last week, Mexico’s Secretary of Government Adán Augusto Lopez visited Tijuana to report that the decree will not be applied in Baja California.

Recently, Mexico’s delegate Alejandro Ruiz said the summer schedule will stay in the municipalities that border the US due to the trade relationship. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said the decree is based on the low energy savings produced by the summer schedule.

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