Although Baja California turned to the green tier starting Monday in the Covid-19 epidemiological light system, the face mask mandate will remain under enforcement.

State Secretary of Public Health Adrian Medina said the face mask protocol will be mandatory in indoor environments as virus contagion remains, as well as social distancing.

“We have seen a great advance in controlling, but the pandemic stays and the virus has not gone,” the Secretary said. ‘We must continue adapting and protecting us with all the tools available.”

As of Saturday, the state reports 1,025 active cases, of which close to 300 are in Mexicali.

In the previous 24 hours the city also recorded 56 new cases.

However, of the 26 deaths nine occurred in the capital city.

Most of those connected to a ventilator are unvaccinated residents.

Although the green tier lifts up many restrictions citizens must still follow protocol like washing their hands constantly, using antibacterial gel, social distancing and the face mask mandate, the Secretary insisted.

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