A fight between alleged drug users left Monday evening one of those involved dead, according to media reports.

La Voz newspaper reported that the incident was notified to the police at 9:30 p.m. in Colonia Conjunto Urbano Orizaba neighborhood.

The newspaper said the police found José Cervantes Guzmán, 21, aka Huicho, in the street by Continente Europeo Avenue and Luis Echeverría Alvarez Street.

The victim was found with several injuries caused with a knife.

A 22-year-old witness told the police the victim was by the side of a man only identified with the alias of Ruti while consuming drugs.

Suddenly, the suspect demanded cash from the victim, the witness told the authorities.

The suspect then allegedly assaulted the victim with a knife.

According to other media outlet reports a woman was also involved in the incident.

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