Port of Entry street merchants accused city inspectors for allegedly threatening them with fines while unregistered vendors are not supervised.

Merchants’ representative Rodolfo Bernal told La Voz newspaper a visit was made to the City’s Department of Street Vendors in order to stop this so-called abusive behavior.

According to Bernal the port has seen an increase of unregistered vendors like women who accompanied by their children sell merchandise in the area whose activities are not enforced.

Bernal said registered vendors are at times fined with close to $200 for missing from dressing official vests or not holding their permits while working.

The city sells street vendors vests for proper identification. Those vests are burgundy — the same color used by the National Regeneration Movement Party. In the past those vests were National Action Party blue.

Bernal said paying such fines is difficult given the economic conditions. The street vendor representative plans to meet Department Director Jose Alonso Echeverria on Tuesday to propose taking unregistered vendors out of the port of entry.

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