Several dozen automobiles were driven by teachers through Civic Center streets in order to demand the payment of a bonus that former Governor Jaime Bonilla left unpaid.

Teachers with the Local 2 of the National Education Workers Union demanded the payment of a bonus equivalent to 9.5 days of work.

In the meantime, teachers with the Local 37 along with those affiliated to the Local 2 keep a strike to demand the payment of bonuses, salaries for interim teachers and monthly pensions to retired teachers.

The strikes began last week, according to La Voz newspaper.

Separately, Independent Teacher Union Secretary General Francisco Javier Gutiérrez said the state and the Mexican government are close to signing an agreement that would cut local teachers up to 75 percent of bonuses while benefits would be cut by 22 percent.

The modification, which seeks to level up Mexican and local benefits for teachers, would impact up to 55,000 teachers. Among the benefits that are in plan for cut is the payment of a Christmas bonus that equals 40 days of work.

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