A teenage adult was indicted by a state judge for Saturday’s robbery at the Cabanna restaurant, the Attorney General’s office said.

The agency said Alonso Guadalupe, 18, was indicted for the robbery that reportedly occurred in the Plaza Gran Vida shopping mall located in the southeast intersection of Cetys Avenue and Gomez Morin Boulevard.

According to the authorities, the suspect and a 17-year-old minor arrived at the eatery around 10:33 p.m. and brandished an imitation Uzi rifle. The minor brandished a firearm towards customers and employees.

Mexicali Police said the suspects fled with 18,000 pesos or about $900, as well as two customers’ purses.

The suspects tried to flee on a motorcycle, but the vehicle did not turn on.

Mexicali Police officers arrested the suspects who attempted to flee on foot.

The adult teenager was turned to the state Attorney General’s office and the minor to a teenage court.

State Attorney General Iván Carpio said the suspects are presumed to be from the state of Sonora.

Mexicali Police said the suspects were allegedly involved in 15 robberies.

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