Fernanda López Pompa, a San Luis Río Colorado engineering student plans to move out to Fremont, Calif., right after graduation to work for Tesla.

The student was selected for Tesla’s Spring 2021 Internship program that was extended six months.

Back in Mexicali, López Pompa now seeks to graduate in three months and become an employee for Elon Musk’s company.

Originally, the Cetys University mechanical engineering student was selected for a seven-month internship. However, her mentor was hired by another company — giving the Sonoran student the opportunity to get in charge of the testing subsystem and the chance to stay for six additional months.

“I was totally independent to make testing decisions,” López Pompa said in a college press release. “I learned how to move alone in the company.”

There, the student learned as well how to change her mentality, her thinking, how to address issues and acquire abilities to provide solutions.

In July, López Pompa was interviewed and hired for a new full-time job.

“First, I have to graduate and then get back (to Tesla) in July in the Fremont plant where I will permanently move to,” she said. “Those who are studying like me should apply for these kinds of (internships) that can open doors — even though we have no previous experience.” López Pompa suggested potential internship students to show interest in development, have a good attitude and the ability to learn, be independent and have no fear of lack of knowledge.

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