Close to 2,000 Central American and Caribbean immigrants are being housed in Mexicali public and private shelters. However, these foreigners have been denied the Covid-19 vaccine, a state official said.

City Human Rights Coordinator Hiram García said the local government has opened a third shelter that has housed 196 immigrants. The shelter is located in the local Human Development Center in the Colonia Mayos area.

García explained that Haitian immigrants are transported to the development centers, while those arriving from Central America are sent to shelters managed by nonprofit.

The coordinator said the shelters will remain opened for an undetermined time. Installing additional beds is unknown, he added.

So far, private companies have approached immigrants to offer them job opportunities.

According to García the goal is to house immigrants for the least time.

Separately, state Secretary of Public Health Adrian Medina said the hundreds of immigrants housed in shelters have been denied the Covid-19 vaccine.

The state official said most of those immigrants are already having symptoms of respiratory diseases due to the low temperatures.

Medina said the state does not have enough vaccines to get administered among immigrants.

In order to address this issue the state must file a request with the Mexican government to obtain additional vaccine allotments.

Local shelters are accepting donations of food, clothes and other items like face masks.

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