Members of tribal groups had denounced that about 2,000 indigenous people had died of Covid-19 during during pandemic. In the meantime, the state has not recorded such deaths.

La Voz newspaper reported that state health authorities had not provided vaccines to the tribal communities.

Representatives of seven indigenous groups asked state health authorities 40,000 vaccines for their members.

Tribal member Francisco Cirilo Martinez said language barriers of indigenous people forbid them from accessing healthcare services.

Assemblywoman Evelyn Sanchez, who chairs the Commission of Social Development and Indigenous Groups admitted that staff is not prepared to communicate with tribal members.

“They are just turned back home,” the lawmaker said.

Sanchez said she has confirmed that the 2,000 deaths had not been recorded appropriately in death records.

Although a meeting was scheduled weeks ago with Secretary of Public Health Alonso Perez Rico in order to address the death records and vaccination for indigenous groups no action has been made, the Assemblywoman said. These deaths had been reported in Tijuana, San Quintín Valley and Ensenada’s Maniadero area.

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