Three men were arrested early Saturday after allegedly robbing a barbershop in downtown Mexicali, according to police reports.

The incident took place at 3:30 a.m. in Barbería Bianquita located at Lopez Mateos Boulevard and Azueta Street.

The suspects were identified as Luis, 48, Hugo Enrique, 35, and Fernando, 18.

The police said while agents were patrolling the area the security guard flagged the authorities to report the crime.

The victim said while inspecting the rear of the business one of the suspects brandished a machete.

The guard was then tied by the hands and introduced to a restroom.

The suspects allegedly took two security cameras, 17 hair cutting machines, a hair dryer, a television set and a pack for five screwdrivers. The suspects were nabbed blocks ahead with the robbed items, the police said.

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