A man who allegedly murdered another man in Sept. 2020 in a tire shop was indicted by a state judge.

The state Attorney General’s office said José Ramón, aka “Chinola,” was indicted for the murder of Carlos, aka “Chabelo.”

The incident took place in a tire shop located in Mexicali’s unincorporated area of González Ortega.

The day of the incident the police received a report about an injured man at 1:52 a.m. in a tire shop located by San Pedro Mezquital Avenue, between Second and Third Streets.

Upon arrival, the police requested help from paramedics, who eventually declared the victim dead.

The victim had a single shotgun wound in the head.

Witnesses told the police the victim, the business owner and a tire shop employee were at the scene.

Suddenly, the suspect allegedly arrived and started an argument with the victim.

The suspect brandished a firearm and shot at the victim.

According to the agency the suspect and another individual fled on a gray Chevrolet Equinox. The judge decided to keep the suspect in prison during trial and gave detectives three months to close the investigation.

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