The Wong Tower project that would have become the highest building of Mexicali has been cancelled, according to media reports.

Investors had decided to withdraw from the project that is now being dismantled, La Voz newspaper reported.

Baja California Construction Chamber President Luis Gibran Padilla said the reason behind the cancellation has not been disclosed.

The business leader said he expects to meet developers and investors in order to discuss the issue.

“It is not good for Mexicali that investments of this kind are suspended,” Padilla said.

The $35 million, 16 story project was planned to be built by Benito Juarez Boulevard in the city’s tourist area. It would have included condominiums, business offices, a hotel and restaurants.

The project was suspended by the city due to lack of permits and licenses. In January 2019 part of the basement collapsed and caused a significant water spill.

The state suspended the project for water fee debt and workers held a strike for lack of salary payment.

The tower was under supervision of former Chamber President and radio commentator Jaime Navarro, who has not made a statement about the cancellation.

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