A transgender Mexicali police officer recently filed a discrimination complaint after allegedly being harassed by colleagues and a supervising commander.

Fernando Ledezma told La Voz newspaper that two years ago he underwent into a sex change surgery to go from woman to a man. Six months later harassment began within the ranks of the police.

Agents kept talking to Fernando as a woman, the officer said.

Besides, although all police officers are called by their last names, colleagues began calling her compañera, Spanish for female partner.

The issue went beyond after Commander Peña Guillén started denying vacations and leave permits.

The 12-year police veteran and his wife asked colleagues and supervisors to treat him with respect and dignity.

“Only a few police officers have given us some help,” Ledezma told the newspaper. “The truth is that all the others are so inhuman.”

The officer considered that supervisors should teach police agents to be more respectful with transgender people. LGBT Community Attorney Jonathan Lopez said two complaints have been filed with the state Attorney General’s office and the State Commission of Human Rights.

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