Three men were indicted by a state judge for alleged abduction and robbery allegedly occurred in San Felipe, the state Attorney General’s office said Tuesday.

The suspects were identified as Eduardo, Enedel and Jaime, no ages reported.

The authorities said the first two suspects arrived on July 26 at the victim’s home in the Misión Sahuaro area.

The suspects allegedly assaulted the victim, the agency said.

The authorities said Jaime used to work as a security guard in the area and provided his accomplices with keys to enter the subdivision.

The suspects took the female victim’s cash, appliances, four wallets, a Canadian passport, six pairs of glasses, a laptop computer and two cell phones.

The victim was found the next day by another security guard and a neighbor inside a closet with hands and feet tied.

The judge indicted the first two suspects for robbery and Jaime for abduction and robbery. The judge decided to keep the suspects in prison during trial and gave prosecutors three months to close the investigation. 

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