A state judge indicted three individuals for the kidnapping of a Mexicali dentist, while state police officers apprehended two other suspects allegedly related to the case.

The state Attorney General’s office said the judge indicted Fernando, Jesús Guadalupe and Gloria for the Aug. 19 kidnapping of dentist José Valenzuela.

Relatives reported Valenzuela’s disappearance the next day from his San Marcos subdivision home. Family members were unable to contact the dentist.

The authorities said two vehicles were also missing from the residence. The automobiles were eventually found in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico.

On Aug. 23, the suspects contacted family members to demand a cash amount for Valenzuela’s release.

The suspects and the victim were found in a Portales area home.

Police officers arrested the suspects and seized a .38 firearm.

The judge gave prosecutors four months to close the investigation and decided to keep the suspects in prison during trial.

The state Attorney General’s office said Monday two individuals allegedly involved in the kidnapping while having an immigrant against his will.

The suspects were identified as Eduardo Antonio, 20, of the state of Michoacán, and Jocabed, 20, of Mexicali, who apparently belong to a criminal band named “Los Eme,” out of the Mexican state of Hidalgo.

Eduardo Antonio allegedly called victim relatives to demand payments for the release of victims.

The agency said the suspect was kept under constant surveillance right after the dentist’s kidnapping.

In this second case, the authorities were able to release a couple that was kept against its will in a Fraccionamiento Villas del Rey neighborhood home.

The suspects allegedly offered the couple to cross them irregularly to the US.

The couple was tied with plastic hoops from their legs and hands.

The victims were forced to call relatives in the US to pay $16,000 for their release.

However, detectives were able to find the home within hours. The couple was released during an operation held Friday and arraigned Sunday. An indictment hearing was scheduled for Thursday.

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