The Autonomous University of Baja California’s motto was modified Tuesday in order to eliminate patriarchal patterns, avoid discrimination and become more inclusive regardless of people’s gender.

The original motto, created in 1964 by then-student Miguel Gárate, read, “For the Full Realization of Men.”

The controversial issue was the latter word for its male connotation.

The new motto says, “For the Full Realization of the Being.”

The proposal, introduced by Dean Octavio Valdez was voted by the University Council 118-13, with six abstentions.

Many within the college system, mainly women, were in favor of the modification.

Some complained based on the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language definition of the word that meant animated rational being, whether man or woman.

The council did not address the proposal to make the college more inclusive by equally appointing men and women for top jobs as proposed by Assemblyman Juan Manuel Molina. Most of the major positions within the University, including the college court that addresses sexual harassment complaints, are occupied by men.

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