The Autonomous University of Baja California plans to resume hybrid classes Jan. 31, Dean Daniel Valdez said.

In a letter sent to the college community, the dean said the university plans to slowly return to classrooms in the next weeks until the complete return by March 7.

Dean Valdez said every school will be in charge of making plans before the return to school.

According to the dean, college authorities, along with health officials, will continue monitoring the epidemic before the March 7 deadline.

If necessary, the University will return to hybrid classes.

“Although we are not sure when (the epidemic) will finish, what we clearly know is that it is in our hands to make conditions possible to make the pandemic cede and recover our normality that has been taken off in the last two years,” Dean Valdez said.

During the last semester, under the hybrid system 29.4 percent of students were able to physically take classes in campuses. The college implemented a permanent monitoring and oversight system by providing PCR tests to detect the virus among students and staff. “The return to classes was never a source of contagion within the university,” Dean Valdez added. “We have learned to virtually get along, interacting through a screen, which has allowed us for almost two years to hold our activities.”

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