The US Department of State issued a travel warning to American citizens who have plans to visit rural Mexicali due to the risks of becoming victims of criminals.

The area was set in orange or third level and has asked US government employees to avoid visiting the area due to drug Cartel rivalry.

The dangerous area covers from the Arizona border south to the limits with the new City of San Felipe and to the urban area.

US citizens are allowed to use Mexican federal highways to travel during daylight while avoiding rural roads.

The US Department of State clarified that although homicides are focused on certain targets, pedestrians can get injured or even dead in shootings.

In the meantime Entrepreneurial Coordinating Council Chairman Octavio Sandoval considered the Mexican government must act through the National Guard and make this agency work for the purpose it was conceived. However, agents were assigned to vaccination.

This is the third warning issued by the US, Sandoval told La Voz newspaper.

The business community has demanded Mexico to install National Guard bases in three rural towns.

Recently, northwest Mexico governors met and signed a public safety agreement that missed Mexican agency involvement.

Of special concern is the corner of California, Baja California, Arizona and Sonora. Sandoval said crime affects attractions of private investment.

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