A huge amount of job opportunities remain vacant in Mexicali by local businesses, a City official said.

City Economic Development and promotion coordinator Victor Hugo Delgado said the issue has turned complicated due to the high number of vacant job opportunities that has been caused by the post pandemic.

However, economist Enrique Rovirosa told La Voz newspaper the high numbers of vacant job opportunities are low-wage jobs.

Delgado highlighted the fact that although creation lies within the state sphere the City Works good jobs closer to employees and Manpower the business organizations.

Vacancies have been reported in almost every sector of the economy which reflects a good sign of recovery.

According to the economist a good percentage of workers prefer to move to the informal sector of the economy due to the low-paid job offerings.

“There is no lack of manpower. That is a fallacy and a lie,” Rovirosa said. “There are people who want to work but they don’t want a salary of hunger.” The economy added that many job offerings pay less than $20 a day.

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