The cost to legalize a vehicle is expected to reach 16,000 pesos or about $800 — a price tag hard to reach for some families.

Weeks ago President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador announced a program to legalize unregistered vehicles that have been illegally imported in northern Border States.

The cost includes registration, plates, and customs fees.

State officials are still considering details about how to implement to program in Baja California.

Secretary of Government Catalino Zavala has met with customs agents in order to discuss some of those details and others like how to determine vehicle ownership, environmental issues and importing fees.

Registration will cost 2,500 pesos or over $130. To that amount vehicle owners mist add 3,000 pesos or around $150 in plates. The higher part of the registration cost is the $500 customs fees that state authorities seek to reduce.

Secretary of the Treasury of Baja California Marco Moreno said authorities seek to reduce custom fees. The state expects to register about 100,000 vehicles that will produce 300 million pesos or around $15 million that will stay in state coffers.

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