Friday’s burning of two transit buses and two dozen all over in Baja California cities prompted the closure of businesses and the suspension of classes in the Autonomous University of Baja California.

The state Department of Public Safety said a person was shot at 6:11 p.m. in the Colonia Nueva area after three individuals allegedly shot at a public transit bus.

A bus driver got injured in the incident.

The shooting led authorities to chase two suspects who were eventually arrested after crashing a black Ford Explorer.

The authorities did not disclose the names of the suspects, who were told to be a man and a woman.

About the same time, a bus was burned after passengers were asked by suspects to leave the vehicle.

The incident took place next to a clinic of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in the Colonia Nacozari area.

The arrested suspects were apparently involved in the bus burning, the police said.

Another bus was burned in the Colonia Ampliación Lucerna area.

All over the state the authorities accounted 24 burned buses, of which 15 occurred on Tijuana.

The US Consulate in Tijuana asked its employees to shelter at home due to the violence reports.

Baja California Governor Marina Avila called residents to keep calm.

Also, the governor said her administration is working to address the issue.

In prepared statements, state lawmakers condemned the incidents.

Gov. Avila held Friday and Saturday meetings with the law enforcement community and the military to address the issue.

A similar message was released by Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante in a video posted in social media.

After the incidents the City of Mexicali decided to suspend public transit bus services while bars, manufacturing plants and market stores were closed down.

Also, the Autonomous University of Baja California suspended classes.

The Mexican government said federal agents were deployed to the state in order to stop the incidents from multiplying.

Mexican authorities said 17 individuals that were allegedly involved in the incidents were arrested as of Friday.

Social media users spread Friday evening a false rumor about a curfew. By Saturday morning no incidents were reported, while businesses were opened and drivers were seen all over Mexicali streets. 

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