Due to the drought conditions in the Colorado River and the low water levels in Lake Mead the state of Baja California expects a reduction of water allotment for next year.

Colegio de la Frontera Norte researcher Alfonso Cortés told La Voz newspaper that Baja California is expected to receive 128 million cubic meters less in 2023. The allotment equals 1.3 times water consumption in Mexicali per year.

The expert recalled that since 1999 Rocky Mountain snow has seen a reduction which at the same time has led to a decline in Colorado River water.

The first time Baja California saw a decline was in 2020, when Lake Mead levels went below 1,975 feet above sea level. Back then the state received 51 million cubic meters less than the previous year.

This year the state will see the third reduction since a new agreement was signed years ago.

The specialist said agriculture will be mostly affected by the reduction as it uses 86 percent of the allowed water.

Cortés said Mexicali residents consume about 65 gallons of water per day, twice close to the international standard of 33.2 gallons. The expert recommended the use of treated water and implement irrigation efficiency measures, as well as to increase water fees to reduce consumption.

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