A state official recently said given the reduction of Colorado River water allotted to Baja California the authorities expect to change how water is distributed in the state.

Secretary of Water Management and Protection Jorge Samaniego said Mexico announced that the state is expected to obtain about 7 percent of the country’s allocation of Colorado River water, La Voz newspaper reported.

The state official said the International Water and Boundary Commission will announce the reduction of the allocation of water based on drought levels and estimates for next year.

Sec. Samaniego said the distribution will impact both agriculture and urban areas.

Also, the authorities plan to launch an awareness campaign in order to conserve around 10 percent of water.

According to the secretary, Mexicali is the largest consumer per Capita.

Water allocation reduction was first reported last year by the Water and Boundary Commission.

Governor Marina Avila said due to the water cut the authorities are assessing new supply sources.

The state plans to build and operate three desalination plants for the municipalities of San Quintín, Ensenada and Rosarito Beach.

The newspaper said environmental activists had highlighted the potential impact from desalination plants and other more environmentally friendly choices.

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