Water scarcity is expected to hit Baja California harder next year, a researcher said.

International Economy expert Alejandro Diaz told La Voz newspaper that potable water supply has been under threat for years in the state. However, drought has turned the issue more extreme, especially in northern Mexico states.

“What we are seeing in Nuevo Leon can happen in Baja California next year,” Diaz said, in reference to the lack of water in certain areas of Nuevo León. “We can see more if the problem is not solved.”

Also, the price of water is another topic that must be discussed. Mexico is one of the countries with the lowest water price, as in some European countries the cost is up to seven times.

“More efficient prices are needed and rates must be analyzed to find a solution,” Diaz told the newspaper. “There are different ways to do it.” At the same time, residents must be cognizant of conserving water as leaks at home are not fixed and new systems are not adopted, the Colegio de la Frontera Norte expert said.

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