After a series of meetings, negotiations and demonstrations wheat producers and authorities signed an agreement to set the price of the ton of the cereal paid to Mexicali Valley producers.

Producers will get paid $385 per ton of wheat and an additional $5 per trip at the Moderna flour plant and the Agrovizion warehouses. Depending on wheat quality producers could get paid up to $420 per ton.

The state Department of Agriculture and Food Safety said National Wheat Industry Chamber Vice-President Felipe de Jesús Peña joined the negotiations Monday.

“Since now on we commit to hold a comprehensive group that facilitates producers’ access to a payment of $10 per ton from the Mexican Food Safety Agency,” Peña said. “We are committed to this agreement and we will keep working to help producers.”

Wheat producer representative Ricardo Muñoz thanked the authorities for reaching the agreement signed Tuesday.

Secretary Juan Meléndrez said producers, flour processors, state officials and lawmakers were involved in the negotiations.

For years the state has called wheat producers to start harvesting higher priced produce.

The agreement includes provisions that allow all producers to sell their wheat under the same conditions or do so at the other prices.

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