As the state has observed a 27 percent increase of catalytic converter theft during 2022 a lawmaker introduced a bill that would increase penalties on those who are found guilty of vehicle part theft.

While Tijuana has recorded more than half the catalytic converter theft cases, Mexicali has registered about one of every four in the state.

Assemblyman Julio César Vázquez said crime is a phenomenon that every government must prevent and eradicate.

Although the authorities have launched sports, cultural and even healthcare projects to reduce crime, such efforts have not resulted in achieving the goal, he said.

Therefore, sometimes it is also necessary to increment penalties to reduce crime, the lawmaker said.

According to Vázquez catalytic converter theft has been increasing not only in the state, but nationwide.

The lawmaker said the Penal Code does not include provisions to penalize vehicle part theft.

Thieves sell catalytic converters as the international prices of metals have significantly increased over the last 12 months, he said.

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